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Welcome to our Concessions Segment

Covid-19 Fee Waiver Applications Closed

Guidelines for the students to apply for concession in institution fees

Eligibility for applying for concession in fees
  • Orphan student who has no other support from any source is eligible to apply for the concession in the institution fees.
  • Economically backward student, having Ration Card indicating below poverty, (who has very poor financial background) is also eligible to apply for the concession in the institution fees.

Procedure to apply
  • After the clearance of odd semester fee, concession will be granted for even semester for the students who apply
  • To apply for concession, total family income of a student shall be less than Rs. 2.00 lakh (Rupees two lakh only). This includes the income of father, mother, sister, and brother and all other sources.
  • Economically backward student shall submit certificate issued by competent authority as a proof in support of application.
  • Maximum 5% of students registered for the academic year may be considered.
  • Application submission does not necessarily mean that student is eligible for concession. He / She shall have to complete the formalities for Concession of the respective academic year.
  • Students shall submit copy of requisites as a proof of academic record along-with the application.
  • The concession is valid for the period of one academic year and needy student shall apply every year for getting concession in fees.
  • Student availing fee concession from any other organization / agency is disqualified to apply for this scheme.

Time Line
  • January 1st–30th, 2024-Submission of application in hard copy at the college reception.
  • February 1st–28th, 2024-Committee reviews the applications to short list eligible Candidates.
  • March 1st–10th, 2024-The Candidates can enquire about the outcome in the
  • March-Process ends

Hard copy of the Applications will be accepted at the College Reception from 1 January to 30 January.

Note : Students can download Application Form and submit by filling details.