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Welcome to the Placement Cell at St. Pious X

Placement Cell is an integral part of the college constituted in the academic year 2005-06. The College not only imparts quality education but also ensures that the students secure suitable placements.

Pre-Placement Activities

Reputed industrial houses visit our college regularly for the campus recruitment programmes. The placement cell coordinates quite well with the corporate sector and provides well-developed infrastructure to facilitate the campus selection programmes. Training activities are organized throughout the year in an effort towards preparing the prospective students for the campus selection programmes. Several programs such as Personality Development Programs and Career Orientation Programs along with GDs, mock interviews, body language and etiquette, CV Writing,Communication skills, Paper presentations and other areas are designed which boost the students' self esteem and prepares them for professional arena.It is committed to provide all the possible assistance to the students and also meet the needs of organizations. It provides necessary skills to the students to transform them into technically outstanding performers and excellent leaders and prepares them to face the competitive world. It also moulds the undergraduates and post-graduates to young corporals and self-confident entities. The cell is sensitized to function all through the year towards generating placement and training opportunities for the students

Linkages with Industry

Some of the top corporates visiting St. Pious X in the recent past have been highlighted below

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Faculty Development Programme/Workshops Conducted by TASK (Telangana Academy for Skill and Knowledge)

  • "Read English Faster" - A two day Faculty Development Programme was organized by TASK during Aug 19-20, 2016. For complete details, please click here
  • Training Programmes offered to students (in association with TASK)

  • Training on soft skills
  • Training on Aptitude skills
  • Training on Technical skills
  • Various Companies conducting campus drives in 2017-18 are:
    Sl. NoName of the CompanyDateEligibility
    1 IKS Health September 07, 2017 at 9:30 a.m.
    2 Amazon September 16, 2017 at 9:30 a.m. Please click here for further details


    Placement drives as on date for the academic year 2016-17
    Sl. NoName of the CompanyDateNo. of Students Placed
    1 Amazon 22/08/2016 20
    2 Hinduja Global Solutions 08/09/2016 14
    3 TCS 03/09/2016 1
    4 Deloitte 19/10/2016 2
    5 Unisys 07/11/2016 12
    6 Genpact 08/11/2016 55
    6 Infosys(TASK) 19/11/2016 3
    7 Tech Mahindra 23/11/2016 20
    8 Sutherland Global Services 08/12/2016 54
    9 State Street Corporation(TASK) 10th & 11th Dec, 2016 6
    10 Karvy (TASK) 05/01/2017 -
    11 Synchrony financial 06/01/2017 41
    11 ELICO(TASK) 10/01/2017 Result Pending
    11 Infosys(TASK) 27/02/2017 3



  • A “PREPLACEMENT TALK” was organized for all final year students on 4th July 2015. Dr.K.V.Achalapathi was resourse speaker.
  • ‘Interface with Alumni’ on interview Etiquettes and resume preparation was organized in association with department of computer science.Alumni Ms.qudusiya Begum from HSBC ,Subhashini and Zoya from Amazon were invited to address the out going students.
  • Prepalcement talk by NIIT director Miss.Saritha on ‘Advanced Excel’ to all 2nd and 3rd year students was conducted on 8th august 2015.
  • College registered with Telangana Acadamy for Skill and Knowledge (TASK) for training and placement assistance. 121 final year students registered with TASK.
  • Awareness programme on TCS Open Ignite was conducted to 2nd and 3rd BSc physical and life science students on 27th august 2015 the resourse speaker was Mr.Pranav,HR,TCS Chennai
  • Mrs. Udaya Lakshmi and Mrs. Latha attended a One Day Workshop on “Role of TPO in Placements and Capacity building Activities” at Osmania university on 26th September 2015.
  • Online Mock Test conducted by Conduira Education and Training Services Pvt. Ltd to all the final years on 29th and 30th October 2015.
  • Workshop on SoftSkills for registered students organized by TASK(Telangana Academy For Skill & Knowledge).
  • Deloitte has conducted a social event, “DELOITTE IMPACT DAY” as a part of skill development activity on 27th November 2015.
  • Global Talent Track Pvt Ltd. Has conducted online assessment test for free online finance training for all the BCom final year students on 12th December 2016.
  • Youth Money Olympiad, Sponsord by Principal Mutual Fund.
  • Various Companies conducting campus drives in 2015-16 are:
    Sl. NoName of the CompanyDateEligibility
    1 UNISYS September 8, 2015 at 9:30 a.m. Final Year Students of All streams. Please click here for details
    2 WIPRO TECHNOLOGIES September 16, 2015 at 9:15 a.m. Students of Final BSC (Comp. Sc, Life Sci.) & B.Com. (Computers). Please click here for details
    3 GENPACT November 05, 2015 at 10:00 a.m. Final Year Degree of All streams & MBA . Please click here for details
    4 HINDUJA GLOBAL SOLUTIONS (HGS) November 19, 2015 at 09:00 a.m. All Final Year 2016 passing out Students . Please click here for details
    5 SUTHERLAND GLOBAL SERVICES (SGS) November 20, 2015 at 09:00 a.m. All Final Year 2016 passing out Students. Please click here for details
    6 ELICO November 26, 2015 at 10:00 a.m. Final year Degree (B.Com, B.Sc, BA, B.Pharmacy etc ) 2016 Passouts. Please click here for details
    6 Deloitte December 10, 2015 at 09:30 a.m. B.Com. 2016 passing out Students. Please click here for details
    7 Tech Mahindra January 29, 2016 at 09:00 a.m. Please click here for details
    8 Dupont February 12, 2016 at 09:00 a.m. Please click here for details.Please click here for profile
    9 Synchrony Financials March 5, 2016 at 10:00 a.m. Please click here for details.
    10 Tech Mahindra March 6, 2016 at 09:30 a.m. Please click here for details.
    Various Companies that have conducted campus drives and no. of students placed in 2015 are:
    Sl. NoDateName of the CompanyNo. of Rounds ConductedNo. of Students Placed
    1 23rd July, 2015 AMAZON(part-time) 5 9
    2 7th August, 2015 2 1
    3 8th and 9th September, 2015 UNISYS 3 17
    5 10th October, 2015 Biological E. Limited 2 1
    6 27th October, 2015 Wipro Technologies 2 12
    7 5th November, 2015 GENPACT 4 24
    8 19th November, 2015 HGS 4 13
    9 20th November, 2015 Sutherland Global Solutions 3 61
    10 26th November, 2015 ELICO(By TASK) 2 62
    11 10th December, 2015 Deloitte 5 1
    12 9th January, 2016 MINACS 2 32
    13 29th January, 2016 Tech Mahindra 3 7
    14 9th-10th January, 2016 TCS 3 1
    15 February, 2016 Biz Acumen 3 Result Pending
    16 9th Februvary, 2016 KARVY 3 16
    17 10th Februvary, 2016 Infosys 4 8
    18 January, 2016 Capital IQ 3 Result Pending
    19 February, 2016 Broadridge 3 Result Pending
    20 12 February, 2016 Dupont 5 2
    21 5 March, 2016 Synchrony Serve 3 11 for Voice; 33 for Non-Voice
    22 6 March, 2016 Tech Mahindra 3 12

    Placements Guidelines

    • All the students are expected to register their names with the Placement Cell. A student can initially apply to any number of companies.
    • Offers to the students are made only through the Placement Cell.
    • The organizations mention their requirements to the Placement Coordinator who schedules the entire placement process on time.
    • On receipt of the list of job opportunities along with the relevant literature of the company, the Placement Office forwards the bio-data of interested students to the organization.
    • Organizations submit the list of selected candidates to the Placement Coordinator, along with the terms and conditions accepted during the interview.
    • The selected candidates receive their appointment letters through the Placement Coordinator. Duplicate copies of appointment letters, duly signed and accepted are returned to the organizations at the earliest.
    • The College takes the responsibility of providing the required facilities for pre-placement talks, group discussions and interviews in the college premises.

    Placement Cell Information

    Placement cell is dedicated towards achieving 100% placements.

    Mrs. K. Udaya Lakshmi
    Placement Cell Coordinator,
    Mobile No. +91 9849561734
    Email ID:


    • Mrs. Hymavathy (Department of Chemistry)
    • Mrs. Maria Pavithra, Dept. of Commerce
    • Mrs. Sangeetha, Dept. of Commerce​
    • Mrs. S. Suganthamala (Department of Botany)
    • Mrs. Rajasree (Department of Computer science)
    • Dr. Sreedevi (Department of Microbiology)
    • Mrs. C. Latha (Department of Business management)
    • Mrs. P. Harshanya (Department of Business management)