Welcome to St. Pious X Examination Wing

The Examination committee is constituted to conduct the inhouse examinations such as unit tests, quarterly, half yearly and prefinal examinations for all the under graduate and post graduate students

The Examination committee is responsible for:

Preparation of timetables for all the inhouse examinations

Allotment of invigilation duties

Seating arrangement

Smooth conduct of examinations

The Examination committee is constituted with the following members:

  • Sr. G.M. Manikyam - Principal & Chairperson
  • Sr. B. Velangini Kumari - Vice-Principal
  • Dr. U. Sangeetha Laxmi (Co-ordinator)
  • Mrs. K. Malathi
  • Mrs. Pritha Ghosh
  • Mrs. Sravani
  • Mrs. O. Sadhana
  • Mrs. K. Sridevi
  • Mrs. Shiela Kezia

Time Table