Welcome to our Student Welfare Committee

To manage and coordinate all the welfare activities of the student community in all aspects and to resolve their grievances during their stay in campus


  • To recommend on the enhancement of student facilities
  • To develop the student-teacher relationship bond
  • Listening to their problems and understanding what is required for their development in any manner.
  • Assisting the students in their learning process, this includes not just academics but also the practical learning experience.
  • Addressing the feedbacks of students regarding different areas of curriculum and resolving the issues with no or little efforts from the students.
  • Flourishing relationship with parents and organizing meetings for them
  • Addressing the issues from guardians and resolving them to whatever the needs are.
  • Organizing special coaching for slow learners, not every child understands in the same manner, the committee therefore ensures that those who could not understand the topics shall be taught in a friendlier manner, separately.
  • Conducting periodic meetings to talk over student welfare. By organizing activities and facilitating student interests
  • Organizes co-curricular activities for personality development.
  • Managing the needs for extracurricular activities. It looks after activities like Music, Dance, Fine arts, Sports, etc., for students.
  • To ensure equity and equal opportunity to the community at large in the college and bring about social inclusion.
  • To create a socially congenial atmosphere for academic interaction and for the growth of healthy interpersonal relationships among the students coming from various social backgrounds.