Welcome to our Library

To a successful career, there's always a need to access the best of the resources, all the time. We have taken all the pain to ensure our library is well-stocked with the latest and well-known Journals, Magazines, etc by world-famous authors to give you that "extra edge". Come along, taste success this way.

Our Motto: Books are for use, they aren't untouchables

The library is the heart of the college for intellectual youth and for expanding knowledge and ideas. This academic hub is fully automated, stocked with a vast collection of latest books, periodical, journals and CD’S. This collection is expanded and updated each year. Students and faculty have access to a lending library, a reference library and e-library for a comprehensive approach to education.

Library at St. Pious X College Nacharam Hyderabad AP

The library has books on various subjects, offers photocopying and internet facilities. The library notice board gives attractive and informative displays on current topics. An orientation programme to acquaint the students with library information is arranged every year for the 1st year students. The Libraries serve as source of stimulation and rejuvination for the students. They are well stocked woth books, national and International journals, magazines, periodicals, research papers, online databases and CDs

Our MBA Library consists of 2300 books in addition to 24 International & National Journals along with 6 e-journals.

Lending Services

Library at St. Pious X College Nacharam Hyderabad AP

Each Post Graduate student may borrow four books and undergraduate students may borrow two library books at a time. The books that have been reserved by other members of the library are not renewed.

Book Bank

The poor and deserving students are provided text books on loan for all subjects from the book bank every year in the library. Such students are responsible for the safe custody of the books. In case of any damage or loss they should replace it with a new copy of the book or pay compensation as applicable. Sub-lending is not allowed and the books on loan must be returned at the end of each year, failing which books will not be lent in future.