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Welcome to College of Business Management


MBA is a 2 year – Professional course affiliated to Osmania University and approved by the A.I.C.T.E. The course offers dual specialization in Marketing, Finance and Human Resource Management.


  • To create and sustain an environment of excellence in education and help students to expand their horizons of knowledge and make them capable of innovatively dealing with the challenges of an ever changing world.
  • To help our students of management to become globally competitive citizens by providing them facilities to develop multidisciplinary skills and help they build themselves for a successful management career
  • To use the modern methods of teaching learning and research to instill professional competence and at the same time to instill in the girl students a sense of pride about the traditional and cultural inheritance of the nation
  • To empower our students with managerial skills that will enable them to cope up with real-world requirements through meaningful interaction with corporate organizations, mentoring, project work, industrial tours and other input
  • To involve students in community service and promote responsible leadership qualities and a sense of integrity
  • To promote environmental consciousness


  • The College offers specialization in Human Resource Management, Finance and Marketing.
  • Affiliated to Osmania University, the college follows the syllabus prepared by the University
  • Semester external exams are conducted for 80 marks in each paper and 15 marks are allotted for two internals and 5 marks for assignments

Club activities

The students are grouped into clubs. Each club conducts activities like business quiz consisting of various aspects of Management like identification of logos, CEO’s of various industries, current affairs and business news. Club activates help the students to read beyond their books and increase their knowledge about the environment in addition to improving their understanding and expressing skills and they also help them learn to work in teams.

Project seminars

All students are made to present a few seminars on their project work. Corrective measures are suggested to the students by the principal, faculty and students. Mock viva is also conducted to prepare the students for the project viva

Industrial Survey

These surveys help the students to understand the various aspects related to running a firm like analysis of inputs, methods of production, problems faced, Marketing, Finance & Human resource decisions

Outreach effort

In order to inculcate social sensitivity and responsibility students are brought into contact with NGO’s and other associations dealing with institutions such as old age homes, Orphanages, mentally disabled children etc