Welcome to ICT
ICT Facilities

The Institution is well equipped with adequate ICT facilities being optimally used.


  • to render an effective teaching using ICT
  • to help the learners become competent and confdent users of ICT who can make efficient, effective and creative use of basic application software in their everyday activities
  • to encourage the learners to become critical and reflective users of ICT
  • to prepare the learners for the society of tomorrow by making them adaptable users of ICT who have the necessary openness and flexibility of mind to be able to adjust to future changes in the technology
  • The college has 6 computer labs for carrying out lab experiments and research work.
  • The college is WiFi connected and also connected with Local Area Network having access to internet from anywhere in the campus.
  • For an effective teaching and best dissemination of knowledge the college has 15 class rooms integrated with technology.
  • The college is equipped with two audio visual halls and a smart board with features of recording the lectures.