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Welcome to Institution's Innovation Council Reports


Institution Innovation Council (IIC) was established as per the norms of Ministry of HRD, Govt of India on 21st November, 2019 to encourage, inspire and nurture young students by exposing them to new ideas and processes. The council consists of faculty members, students, alumni, entrepreneurs and representatives from nearby Incubation centres and Industry.

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Council members for IIC 5.0 for the academic year 2022-23 as per the guidelines of Ministry of Education's Innovation cell.
S.No  Name of the member                   Member Type (Teaching/Nonteaching/ Student/External Expert) Key Role/ Position assigned in IIC
1 Sr. B. Velangini Kumari Principal Head of the Institution
2 Dr. Anjana Shukla Teaching President
3 Dr. Snehalatha Teaching Convenor/Innovation Ambassador
4 Mrs.S. Anika Teaching Vice- President
5 Dr. S.Sreedevi Teaching NIRF Coordinator
6 Dr. R. Komala Teaching IPR Coordinator/Innovation Ambassador
7 Mrs. Hepsibha Teaching Social Media Coordinator
8 Mrs. C. Latha Teaching Internship Activity Coordinator
9 Mrs.Hymavathi Teaching ARIIA Coordinator/Innovation Ambassador
10 Mrs. P. Harshanya Teaching Startup Activity Coordinator
11 Dr. R. Sushama Teaching Innovation Activity Coordinator/ Innovation Ambassador
12 Prof. S. Pardhasaradhi Teaching Member
13 Mrs. Archana Teaching Innovation Ambassador
14 Dr. Sangeetha Teaching Innovation Ambassador
15 Mrs. Geetha Teaching Member
16 Mrs. Paleena Teaching Innovation Ambassador
17 Mrs. Rajasree Teaching Member
18 Dr. P. Suhasini Teaching Innovation Ambassador/Mentoring Coordinator
19 Mrs. Swarnalatha Teaching Member
20 Ms. Sparsha Teaching Member
21 Ms. Sravanthi Teaching Member
22 Dr. Sushmitha Teaching Member
23 Mrs. Radhika Teaching Member
24 Dr. Sudha Swaraga Teaching Member
25 Mrs. P.L. Sravani Teaching Member
26 Mrs. Anitha Teaching Member
27 Dr. Hafeez Basha External Expert Incubation Centre
28 Mr. Tanneru Suresh External Expert Incubation Centre
29 Prof.G. B. Reddy External Expert Patent Expert
30 Mr. Veerendranath External Expert Investor
31 Mrs. B. V. SravanthyAnand External Expert Alumni Entrepreneur
32 Ms. D. Sujatha Cecilia External Expert Industry Association
33 Mrs. P. Deepika Joshi External Expert Startup Entrepreneur
34 Mrs. Sagarika Non- Teaching Member