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Program Outcomes Attainment Policy

Attainment of Course Outcomes

In the Outcome Based Education (OBE), assessment is done through one or more than one processes, carried out by the faculty, that identify, collect, and prepare data to evaluate the achievement of course outcomes (CO’s). The process for finding the attainment of Course outcomes uses various tools/methods. These methods are classified into two types:

Direct methods and indirect methods Following tables show the various methods used in assessment process that periodically documents and demonstrates the degree to which the Course Outcomes are attained. They include information on:


All the courses together must cover all the POs and PSOs. For a course the Cos need to be mapped to POs through the CO-PO matrix and to PSOs through the CO-PSO matrix as shown below.

The various correlation levels are:

Validation of CO-PO mapping :- Process Explained Procedure for Attainment of Course Outcomes PO and PSO Assessment Process