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Welcome to our "Core Values"

Core Values

core values
  • Quality Consciousness
  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Service

The St. Pious goals are grounded on core values of St. Pious. The Institution built its edifices of value system which is manifested in the form of its goals and objectives. Therefore it aligns every activity with its Core Values

The major goals of St. Pious for the plan period are as under:

  1. Faculty Development & Excellence
  2. Academic Excellence for promoting in quality in teaching learning and pedagogical research.
  3. To promote quality related research studies, scholarship, and creativity, Library and infrastructure.
  4. To focus on social responsibility, Public engagement, outreach activities, extension activities.
  5. To empower women.
  6. To collaborate with stakeholders for quality evaluation, Promotion and sustenance.

Objectives for each of the above goals

Goal 1: Faculty Development & Excellence

Objectives of the goal 1:

  1. Increase the size and quality of faculty in strategically important areas
  2. Significant ally increase the diversity of faculty through new hires and enhanced retention efforts
  3. Ensure competitive faculty compensation within the norms of the institution
  4. Develop and implement policies to retain high valued faculty
  5. Device and implement new mechanism or policies for rewarding outstanding faculty based on performance
  6. Foster an exciting intellectual environment by providing opportunities
  7. Develop ways to enable faculty to focus their time on being highly productive in their core academic activities (Teaching, Learning, Research, Creativity and Social Responsibility)

Goal 2: Academic Excellence for promoting in quality in learning and pedagogical research

Objectives of the goal 2:

  1. Create and sustain a culture that supports teaching excellence in all academic units. (Departments)
  2. Strengthen institutional structures that promote pedagogical innovations for all the programs
  3. Provide a more unified and shared educational experience for undergraduates
  4. Strengthen the educational impact of national and international opportunities and experiences for students.
  5. Promote the health and well being of students (under-graduate, graduate and professional) as a foundation for academic and life success
  6. Strengthen efforts to attract and educate an excellent diverse body of undergraduate students

Goal 3: To promote quality related research studies, scholarship, creativity; to develop infrastructure for Library and ICT

Objectives of the goal 3:

  1. Increase the No. of Departments or graduate courses that have achieved good results
  2. Build and sustain State level and National Level standards in all the Departments of Arts, Social Sciences, Sciences, Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, Commerce and Business Management
  3. Strengthen support for important inter-disciplinary areas, while ensuring excellence in disciplines as foundation
  4. Significantly improve institution vide services for the administration and support of research grants (including Government and Other sources)
  5. Maintain and selectively strengthen in cost effective ways core infrastructure for research, scholar ship and creativity, including in particular libraries and share research facilities
  6. Taking measures for e-learning, e-library and learning management systems (LMS).

Goal 4: To focus on social responsibility, Public engagement, outreach activities, extension activities

Objectives of the goal 4:

  1. Make social responsibility and public engagement a distinctive feature at St. Pious
  2. Construct a unified concept and vision for St. Pious social responsibility mission
  3. Develop rigorous and systematic evaluations of all reach and extension activities
  4. Consciously connect social responsibility in Public engagement to on campus research and educational strengths
  5. Promote and develop stronger collaborations between St’ Pious and stake holders

Goal 5: To focus on empowerment of women

Objectives of the goal 5:

  1. To plan and conduct workshops, Guest Lectures and Seminars on the theme of Women empowerment
  2. In addition to existing diversity of women students in the institution, identify any further scope for inclusive approach
  3. To conduct specific activities and programmes to sensitize gender equity and also address the unigender issues.
  4. To conduct programmes with alumni and parents interaction for empowering the women in terms of higher education and employment.