Winning Streak

Academic performance of the institution has always been exceptionally good. Pass percentage has been above 90% right from the beginning. The overall pass percentage is always higher than university average. We have achieved 21 Gold Medals for securing First rank in the University from 1998 to 2011.The college not only excels with a very high pass percentage, but also in achieves a number of Gold Medals, Distinctions and top ranks. The following table highlights the details regarding students who've brought laurels to our college. This is the result of our continuous perseverance and commitment towards our students coupled with the sheer hard-work of our students themselves. Following this trend, in the years to come, we're certain to have a higher rank count.

Students who've brought laurels by winning Gold Medals
Admission NumberName of the Gold MedallistUniversity Topper in SubjectYear
21 Gold Medals for securing 1st Rank in the University
167-96-00603 Pallavi Martin Luther Botany 1998
167-96-00012 G. Arogyamma Political Science 1998
167-97-00760 Jaismin Kaur Physics 1999
167-97-00713 S.Kaur Hussain Chemistry 1999
167-98-00011 Sameena Sultana Overall BA 1999
167-98-00038 Babie Lalremruati Ralte English Literature 2000
167-98-00011 Sameena Sultana Political Science 2000
167-98-00851 G.Sreedevi Physics 2000
167-98-00851 G.Sreedevi Mathematics 2000
167-98-00851 G.Sreedevi Overall B.Sc. 2000
167-99-00829 Sangeetha Jana Physics 2000
167-98-00621 Manisha Mishra Overall BA 2001
167-98-00621 Manisha Mishra Economics 2001
167-98-00525 Julie Theresa Chemistry 2001
167-01-00732 Manisha Ganeshan Chemistry 2003
167-02-00886 V.Srilatha Physics 2004
167-03-00034 Cassandra Mary D.Souza Political Science 2005
167-03-00034 Cassandra Mary D.Souza English Literature 2005
167-03-00011 T. Alka Public Administration 2005
167-04-00035 Cassandra Armstrong English Literature 2006
0347 109 Hajera Tabassum M.Sc BioChemistry 2007

List of University Rank Holders (2013-14)

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1 Lawmsangzuali 1st III BA PPML
2 G. Krishnapriya 2nd III BA PPML
3 B. Lalnunkimi 3rd III BA PPML
4 Anagha Joy 4th III BA PPML
5 Sari Luikham 5th III BA PPML
6 R. Bhavani 6th III BA PPML
7 Poorna Vijaya Lakshmi 7th III BA PPML
8 B. Sony 8th III BA PPML
9 E. Praneetha 9th III BA PPML
10 Sneha Jois 10th III BA PPML
Physical Sciences
1 Susheela Sri 1st III B.Sc. MSCS
2 K. SukeerthiJaiBheem 2nd III B.Sc. MSCS
3 K. Unni Mohan Chitra 4th III B.Sc. MSCS
4 Vakulamma 8th III B.Sc. MPCS
5 K. Preethi 9th III B.Sc. MSCS
1 Pooja Jain 7th III B.Com Reg
Life Sciences
1 S. Geethika 1st III B.Sc. BTBC
2 Vinitha Ruth 2nd III B.Sc. BTBC
3 R. Mounika 2nd III B.Sc. MGC
4 Farha Sultana 2nd III B.Sc. MBC
5 Snigdha Reddy 5th III B.Sc. MZC
6 Sangeetha Mayengbam 5th III B.Sc. BTBC
7 Sangeetha Rani 6th III B.Sc. BCMC
8 C.V.L. Sailaja 6th III B.Sc. BTBC
9 Reshma Menon 7th III B.Sc. MZC
10 Sana Bushra 7th III B.Sc. BCMC
11 M. Chandu Priya 7th III B.Sc. BTBC
12 T. Sirisha 8th III B.Sc. BTBC
13 Nazia Sultana 9th III B.Sc. MZC
14 A. Shiksha 9th III B.Sc. BTBC