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Welcome to Department of Mathematics & Statistics


The Department of Mathematics began as small section in 1993 comprising of single faculty member with B.Sc(MPC) group with 3 students. Subsequently as the college progressively took steady strides to grow in size and nature, the mathematics department also gradually grew in size. Statistics was added in the year 2000-2001 with combination MSCs. The department of Mathematics & Statistics is around 400.

The department has a track record of 95% and above results at the university exams every year. All the programs are focused on the spectrum where brilliants are given scope and the average students are encouraged. Persistent efforts are being made for the placements of our students. Compare to the university results our results are proved to be better. The students results and attendance are the strengths of the department. The various activities of the department are as follows:

Events/ Activities:


    • Department organised FDP on PERSPECTIVES OF MATHEMATICS IN CBCS on 3.11.2016


  • Mrs R.Mamatha attended three day workshop on ”PYTHON PROGRAMMING”. 6.1.2017 to 8.1.2017 organised by Department of Mathematics, University College of Science, O.U, HYD-07.
  • Objectives of the workshop: As part of CBCS, Curricula at UG & PG courses in computer science have undergone through revision. Widely used programming language python is included in the PG curriculum for the first time.Therefore it has become necessary to train the teachers through a series of workshops on the new content included. The first workshop is being organised during 6th to 8th January, 2017.


  • Mrs K.Uma maheshwari(HOD Maths) attended two day conference 29-8-2017 to 30.8.2017 on Contemporary Approaches in Scientific Computing organised by department of Mathematics, Osmania University, HYD- 500007
    • The eminent speakers delivered lectures on
    • Computation of Mobile Based Services using Application Programming interfaces(API).
    • Practical implementation of IOT Edge Analytics.
    • Boundary Layer Theory
    • Big Data Analytics for IOT
    • Mathematical concepts in Sanskrit for Computing etc.


  • Mrs K.Jyothi attended 4 days workshop sept17 to sep 20 at Osmania university.
  • Objectives of the Workshop: As per UGC CBCS guidelines, curricula at UG & PG courses mathematics have undergone through revision during academic year 2016-17.
  • Extension activities:: Department has focused on the activities like Paper Presentations, Seminars, Quiz, Field trips, Organizing Guest Lectures by Professionals from outside to blend the strengths of the faculty, is a regular feature of the Department
  • Projects:The Department of Statistics supervises Students Projects on statistical analysis and qualitative analysis.
  • The Department of Mathematics allots Students Projects on Mathematical Applications in Different Fields which are guided by the Faculty
  • Club activities:: The Department organizes its own club ‘Sigma’ which creates a platform for the students to showcase their talents and organizes intercollegiate activities
  • Placements:Majority of the students with Mathematics as optional subject, register for placements. The Department co-ordinates with placement officer and organize pre-placement guidance to the students

Research & Projects


The Department of Mathematics and Statistics created its own blog. It is useful to provide information like revised syllabus, question banks, updated practical booklets, and recent notifications for various P.G courses from various universities. Our blog address: