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Welcome to Department of English

The Department of English was established in the year 1993. It has been catering to the needs of teaching English Language and Literature to B.A, B.COM & B.SC promoting interest and creativity in acquiring language and literary skills. The vision of the department is to enhance communicative skills of the students for global competency and strengthen their aesthetic sense through language and literature. The mission of the department is to reinforce listening, speaking, reading and writing skills and cultivate a value-added life to face challenges and achieve excellence The mission of the department is to reinforce listening, speaking, reading and writing skills and cultivate a value-added life to face challenges and achieve excellenceThe department is run by five vibrant faculty members with innovative minds who aim at enabling the students to realize that the lessons in the texts are also the lessons of life. The lecturers strive to equip the students with life skills and language proficiency to excel in any field they choose. We are proud to have achieved 15 1st ranks with gold medals, 19 top ranks and 100% pass percentage with 85% distinction at the Osmania University Public examinations. The students’ success rate in the final examination has consistently remained 100% in General English and English Literature. The adequate learning resources expand the horizon of teaching and learning

Facilities for you

A Bridge Course

A 15 hr Bridge course in English is offered at the beginning of the academic year to I year BA, BCom, BSc students on Grammar, Vocabulary, LSRW, Poetic Devices and bring them up to the required standards and improve their confidence in speaking English. Basics in Litt. and Various ages in the History of English Litt, are offered to I, II and III year BA ML students to strengthen their knowledge in Language and Literature


The Department offers a 10-20 hrs programme to PG and MBA students to enhance their communicative skills. The students learn to improve speaking, reading and writing skills through classroom activities and practice listening skills in the computerized language laboratory focusing on accent, pronunciation and voice modulation


The department of English has been coordinating with Across The Monde since 2006 to impart professional training to the interested UG students in Airlines Industry. Mrs. Sujatha Cecilia, Dir., Across The Monde (ATM) addresses the students on the objectives and scope of the course and guides the students to take up a challenging career in Airlines and other related fields. The interested students can join the course which is for 3 months, with a subsidized fee and strengthen their career prospects


The students of BA are encouraged to learn the dramatic art by enacting the classic plays. They come up with Shakespeare’s tragedies and comedies like KING LEAR, OTHELLO, MERCHANT OF VENICE, MACBETH, HAMLET and also perform the text-based plays like REFUND, A MARRIAGE PROPOSAL, MOTHER’S DAY depicting that life is reality. The students are also encouraged to direct school students in staging such plays and take it up as a project in improving their dramatic skills.

ICT Based Learning

"Communication and Life Skills" are required for the Employability of the students in the global scenario. Hence, the Language Laboratory was established in 2006 by the department. It was improvised in 2007 and computerized for the Computer Based Testing of listening and speaking skills. The lab is well equipped with 20 computers, 60 headphones, 150 CDs and audio cassettes. It exposes the students to intelligible Standard English – Grammar, Accent and Pronunciation supplementing the curriculum in listening and speaking skills in an objective way. Video and Audio CDs of Classic films and personality development, periodicals, magazines and news papers widen the scope of reading and reference

  • Aural and oral skills through SDK software supplied by OU
  • Computer Based Test in Listening skills, online exam introduced in 2013-14
  • Advance Skills in English I & II year Language Learning designed by – Orient Black Swan with CD’s
  • On-line assignments sent to departmental ID: stpiousengdept[at]
Films & Documentaries
  • Films on literary classics shown from time to time serve as a unique way of boosting the interest and love towards the subjects, making the class room learning more lively and interactive. It adds practical experience to theoretical knowledge.

Modern Teaching Methods

Student centric activities: The department offers a plethora of experiences: seminars, oral presentations, power point presentations, debates, group discussions and dramatics, serve as a channel to express their innovative thoughts, fresh perspectives and novel experiences. Such activities heighten their art of speaking and expression and boost up their confidence. The faculty also inspires the students to take up book reviews, charts, albums, projects, assignments, scrap books videos and short films and on- line assignments to demonstrate their artistic ideas and imaginative way of thinking. The objective of such innovative methods of teaching-learning is to provide a good revelation and a pleasant venture into the arty world apart from regular class room lessons

Academic and Career guidance: The faculty fosters the growth of learning and a change of perspective among the students through academic and career guidance by inviting eminent people from a broad arena: Osmania University, English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad Central University, Axiom Solutions, Zion Cybertech, Learners’ Circle, True Focus, Wigan and Leigh Campus, Across the Monde etc. They visit and share their profound thoughts and rich experiences with the students for the dissemination of learning and change of perception.

The department also takes keen interest to arrange Orientation Programmes in International English Language Testing Skills (IELTS) & Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) helping the students to prepare and take admissions abroad


  • The dept. sponsored a puppet-show on 18th February 2016 for school children by Mr. Jonathan, III year Mass Communication student, Wesley College, Secunderabad on obedience and cleanliness.
  • The students of BA took the lead role in helping the orphan children at New vision foundation, an orphanage in H.B Colony by raising fund of Rs. 5000 and donated 50 woollen sweaters on 10-01-2016.
  • 4-7 July 2016. Mrs. Monoshri Mitra, Faculty, presented a paper at the 11th International and 47th National ELT@I Conference titled “Cognitive and Metacognitive Skills of Second Language Learners of English at the UG Level-A pragmatic approach through CoBI” at Vasavi College of Engineering, published under Abstract No. 228
  • FDP: Mrs Annie Sunil, HOD was a resource person on “Teaching is beautiful” on 13 July 2016 for the new faculty.
  • FDP: On 18 July 2016 the dept invited Dr. Sumita Roy to speak on “Choice Based Credit System” for the college faculty.
  • Career Guidance: VISU- Study Abroad - 22nd July 2016 III year students were guided in IELTS, TOFEL, GRE & GATE by Mr. Chakravarthy, Business Development Manager from VISU consultancy for studying abroad.
  • Mrs. Annie Sunil HOD English attended an International Seminar on “Career Perspectives in Multimedia and Journalism” on 07th August 2016 organised by St. Ann’s College, Mehdhipatnam
  • FDP: “Education in excellence”organised by The Hindu @ Taj Krishna on 29th Nov 2016 was attended by the Principal, Rev. Sr. Manikyam and Mrs. Annie Sunil, HOD. Hon’ble ministers K, SriHari, Education and Mr. KTRamaRao, IT shared their views on teaching and learning in the present scenario.

Editing and Compiling

The department of English compiles News letter “Focus” with two volumes every year highlighting the college activities and achievements.


Sr. B. Velangini Kumari has been awarded Professor Satyanarain Singh’s Gold Medal in the Paper “19th Century Literature”.

Research & Projects

Sr. B. Velangini Kumari:

  • M.Phil Thesis “Marital Morality in the Fiction of Henry James”
  • Ph.D (enrolled) “Henry James’s Turn of the Century Triology: A Study of the Major themes in The Wings of the Dove, The Ambassadors and The Golden Bowl”.

The department is ever marching ahead with pride to reach the zenith of success!