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Welcome to Department of Social Sciences


The Department of Social Sciences was established in the year 1993. It offers three undergraduate programs.The Department strongly believes that a vibrant, goal oriented development requires a healthy interaction between society and state. The strength of the department lies in the commitment of the teachers and their close bond with the students. The perfect student –teacher ratio helps the teachers to closely monitor the students in combining academic excellence with civic consciousness. The department takes pride in achieving 5 Gold Medals in optional and 2 Gold Medals as toppers in overall B.A. from Osmania University. 100 % pass percentage since its inception in the OU Annual Examinations is a credit to the department.


The Department of Social Sciences aims

  • To mould young women into conscious, rational and responsible citizens
  • To inculcate the values of social responsibility, justice, truth and love
  • To train them as per industry requirements
  • To train them for higher studies and research

The Department of Social Sciences offers the following programs:

Add on Course: Legal Literacy

The department has organized Add on course on ‘Legal Literacy ‘for B.A. students for a period of 10 days. This course was very much beneficial for the students as it has enlightened them about various laws like:

  • Constitutional Law,
  • Women And Law,
  • Contract Law,
  • Consumer Protection Act. 1986
  • Environment Protection Act 1986,
  • Family Law, Criminal Law, Labour Law, Company Law

The list of student projects

Social Experiment within the campus by B.A MPML I II III on Bullying, Illusion, Attitude.

PPT Presentation, Directive Principles of State Policy by students of 2nd year BA (PPML & EPP)

Kathanika , Ashtadhiggajakavulu

Research & Publications


Health & Hygiene In collaboration with Procter & Gamble

To create and make them aware of healthy habits of their regular mensurational cycle. Sanitary napkins were distributed by the volunteers of that company. A total number of 580 napkins were distributed to the students and attenders. Resource Persons: Ms. Lavanya, Jasmine Sureka

Let’s Vote Campaign.

Department of economics has organized ‘LETS VOTE CAMPAIGNE’ in Collaboration with Ennadu Newspaper on 8-11- 18. The session begin with the introduction of the speaker and followed up by the discussion on the importance of vote in our country and the responsibility that the youth to take up vote as a important tool for electing our representative.

Cynosure – A creative carnival- 22th August, 2019

The department of Mass Communication & Journalism of St. Pious X Degree & P.G College for Women, has organized a grand fest- Cynosure2k19- A creative carnival on 22 nd august 2019 at Nacharam, Hyderabad. The event began at 9 am with the inaugural speech of Mrs Malathi, HOD of Social Sciences department. It was followed by lighting of the lamp, a sweet prayer song and then scripture reading depicting the secularism in our country.

Cynosure – Intercollegiate Festival- 30th November, 2016

Cynosure was an intercollegiate festival organized by the Department of Social Sciences on 30th November 2016 on the college campus. The festival had various competitions like Short Films, Brand Quiz, Prank Call, Mock Press, Rock Band etc. Students from various colleges participated in the festival.

Brand Quiz

The final year mass communication students conducted a quiz for the second and first year students in August, 2016 on 'Branding and Advertising'. Around 50 students participated in the event.

Suicide Prevention week

  • Balloons were released on the occasion to reach one and help one.
  • The department of psychology organized “ D Talkx ‘ for the students and faculty in college where they shared their personal lives inorder to empower others to seek help while going through any crisis.
  • Hug Booth was placed in the campus where students hugged each other just to show that they matter and that their lives matter.
  • A guest lecture was also organized on this occasion, where Dr. Veeraja Rao (Asst. Professor, Osmania University/ Counsellor – Vishwas Counselling Center) spoke on the importance of help seeking behavior, signs, risks and protective factors in going about suicide.
  • A book exhibition was also organized in the campus.

Suicide Prevention Awareness Campaign 8th September- 16th September 2017

The Department organized Suicide Prevention Awareness Campaign in the college to bring awareness on suicide among the students with a theme ‘'Take a Minute Change a Life'’. Various activities like Flash Mob

Collage Competition, Guest Lecture, Psychological Counseling Sessions were organized in the College.

Psychology students participated in 2k run organized by Telangana Psychiatric Association on account of Suicide Prevention Day.

Mock Parliament – 3rd February 2017: The students of BA MPML, PPML and EPP participated in the Mock Parliament organized by the department. They took up the roles of different Ministries, Speaker and discussed on several current issues. This was done with an aim to make the students aware of Indian Parliamentary System

International Girl Child Day: 11th October

The department celebrated International Girl Child Day. Various activities like Poster Making Competition, Campus Radio programme and Guest lecture were organized. 

Campus Radio

The students of Mass Communication launched Campus Radio titled “"RADIO MUNCH"” on 17th August, 2017. The radio programmes are scheduled thrice a week during the lunch break.

Constitution Day

 The department celebrated constitution day on 26th November to bring awareness about the Indian Constitution among the students.

Gandhi Jayanthi

The department celebrated Gandhi Jayanthi. Activities like skits, elocution competition, collage competition, essay writing were conducted to promote the values of Mahatma Gandhi among students.

Workshops/Seminars Organized

  • Yoga and Meditation -Three day workshop on Yoga and Meditation for Hostel students Resource Persons: K.V. Lakshmi, Mrs. Saileja.
  • Workshop on 'Drug Abuse and Illicit Human Trafficking' was organized and the resources Persons were ACP- Sandeep and Psychologist- Dr. Devika.
  • Workshop on 'Sahayam Skills' was organized by the Department of Psychology for final years resource person was Prof. Dr. Beena, Osmania University.

Workshops/Seminars Attended

  • Workshop on Sahayam Skills-Dr. Beena. C (Nodal Officer, Telangana Prisons/ Former Registrar & HOD department psychology, O.U/ Incharge & Co-ordinator of Sahayam Counselling Center, O.U) was the resource person. She emphasized on the importance of 3 “ A”s – Ask, Appeal & Assist in helping an individual with suicidal tendencies and urged the students to be proactive in asking the question in a right manner while going through the tough phases of life. A role play was done with the students followed by the Q & A session.
  • Beulah Vennela, Faculty, Department of Psychology attended a workshop on 'Experimental Psychology', at Osmania University.
  • Beulah Vennela, Faculty, Department of Psychology attended a workshop on Faculty Development Programme at Gitanjali Engineering College
  • Students of BA (MPML) IIIyr attended workshop on 'Short Film Making Techniques', organized by L.V. Prasad Film Academy at St. Joseph’s College, Hyderabad on 20th January, 2017
  • Mass Communication students attended 'RJ' workshop organized by 93.5 Red FM on 31 July 2017
  • 19th and 20th January : A National seminar on Exploring Indigenous Knowledge System and Empowering Marginalized Social Groups of Indian Society: Policies Practices was attended by the faculty and students of Social Sciences at Sanskrithi Institute, Habsiguda. Students of the department also presented papers in the seminar. Students were briefed on the various groups of Indian Society.
  • 6/2/2018: The students of BA Psychology attended a workshop on Addiction – Current Scenario at Little Flower College, Uppal on 16th February. The students were oriented on reasons and various kinds of addiction that youth are influenced. They were also briefed on the rehabilation measures that can be taken to overcome and help addicted persons

Field trips:

On 16th March, 2019, II year and III year students went on a field trip to Fever FM 94.3 Radio Station and Mahaa News television broadcasting channel.

  • Radio Station: Fever FM

The students went to the radio station in Jubilee hills where RJ Yash gave a brief history of radio in India and explained the hierarchy of people working in a radio station. He also busted some common radio myths that people have, along with giving the details of qualifications required to become an RJ. The students were also introduced to Ms. Amita, the Music Manager of the radio station, she explained her work and requirements of doing her job to a group of students. RJ Yash himself gave a little tour of the studio from where the live radio broadcasting is done as he explained the latest software which they use; the microphones and computer systems which come in handy while broadcasting and also gave a brief account of how to handle a radio program, he explained that the clocks in the radio station are nine seconds slower than the standard clocks, and any mistakes can be covered up in those 9 seconds when they can turn off the broadcaster.

  • In the news station, they saw the PCR and the studio along with the Chroma green-mat and the debate room and the news reader's desk which were adequately arranged in a single room with flood lights. They saw a teleprompter. They also witnessed a live news broadcast of a news reader and shooting of a recorded news show regarding Tollywood news. The students also saw the news feed, where the reporters send their reports as videos and/or pictures from the field through the satellite to the news station. They also saw the script writers, though they didn't have time to interact with them and ask questions. The respective students returned to college, at around 4.45pm.

    • Heritage tour to Golconda
    • Visit Zoo
    • Visit Anveshi Research Centre, Amberpet
    • Visit Deccan Development Society
    • Visit Photo Exhibition Osmania University
    • Visit Science Exhibition CSIR Platinum Jubilee IICT SCHOOL
    • Visit Shilparamam and Botanical Garden
    • Visit Handloom Exhibition IICT
    • Visit Dhrithi Psychiatric Care

    The department of political science has shown the documentry on impact of Briish Rule In India. As it is the basic for understand the topic of Indian Constitution. BA (PPML & EPP) The Department of Political Science showed a documentary to the students of 2nd year BA (PPML & EPP). The topic was the Revolt of Independence 1857. Documentaries of World war -1 and world war -2. This was part of their syllabus of Paper-4 International Relations. BA (PPML & EPP) Video Lecture on topic: Relationship between Fundamental Rights and Directive Principles of State Policy. BA (PPML & EPP) The Department of Political Science has shown a documentary of Political Philosophy on famous political thinkers such as, Plato Aristotle and Socrates to the 1styear students of BA (PPML & EPP).

    Guest lecture

    International Guest Lecture, IDP – Social science Higher Education at University of Leeds and Me Too Campaign. The Resource Persons were International Speaker Ms. Katucha Bento from Brazil and Mr. Peter from Ireland collaboratively with University of Leeds, U.K.

    Department of Political Science

    Deprtment of Political Science organised Guest Lecture on Electoral Litercay for Stronger Democracy for B.A(EPP,MPML,PPML) by Mr.Papa Rao, Assistant Municipal Commissioner, GHMC on 25th Jan, 2020.

    Orientation on UPSC & CIVICLS

    Department of Political Science Organized career Guidance program fro all B.A EPP/PPML/MPML. Resource Person were Dr. Satya Prakash Jha M.A, L.L.B PhD& Mr.Rajath Mishra Byjus Institute Hyderabad.

    Guest lecture was organized by the Department of Political Science on

    • International Relation” by Prof: G. Ram Reddy from Osmania University.
    • Communal Harmony” Prof. J.L.N. Rao from Osmania 
    • Road Safety Week” resource person Dr. Geetangali from IDF.
    • International Day for Drug Abuse and Human Trafficking’’ resource person ACP Sandeep
    • Indian Foreign Policy” resource person Prof. J.L.N. Rao from Osmania University.
    • 27/1/18: On the occasion of National Voters Day the department organized Guest lecture to students of social sciences. The students lectured on importance of vote to build a constructive nation. They were also oriented on the process of elections in India. Prof. K. Lakshmi was the resource person for the lecture.

    Department of Mass Communication

    Guest Lecture was organized by the Department of Mass Communication on

    • A Woman of Excellence” resource persons was Dr. Akhileshwari.
    • Broadcasting formats & Script Writing” was organized for II years Mass Communication students on 19th January, 2017 resource person was Fr. Kingston, HOD, Dept. of Mass Communication, St. Joseph College, Hyderabad.
    • 5/1/2018: A guest lecture on Development Communication was organized for students of BA Mass Communication final year. Prof. B. Balaswamy from Dept. of Mass Communication, Osmania University was the resource person. The students were lectured on various developmental issues in India, Media’s role in them and also were oriented on the ways to prepare for examinations.

    Educational Trips

    • Mass Communication: 14th and 15th February 2020:The students of 2nd and 1st MPML were taken to Akashvani, Hyderabad on a field trip by Accumen Connect. The internal workings of the radio station were shown to the students.

    Guest Lectures

    • On 5th March, 2020-The Dept. of Mass Communication & Journalism organised Guest Lecture on Film Appreciation by Mr.Vasanth Kumar Jurru, Executive Producer of Uma Maheshwari.
    • On 11th Feb, 2020-The Dept. of Mass Communication organised Guest Lecture on PR on behalf of PRSI by Mrs.Sujatha, Lecturer at Andhra Mahila Sabha

    Department of Public Administration

    Guest Lecture was organized by the Department of Public Administration on

    • Future of Public Enterprises in India” by Prof. Ram Chandra Reddy, Department of Public Administration Osmania University.
    • Human Rights Day” resource person Dr. Mohan Rao Railway Degree College Tarnaka and CVC. Narshima President Raksha Foundation.
    • E- Governance Flourishing of RTI in India” ‘Dr. Sailaja from Osmania University.

    Department of Economics

    Orientation Programmes

    On 19th August Department of Psychology organized Career Guidance for B.A I, II, III, MPML, and Resource Person was Mrs. Tina Fernandez from Pause for perspective, Begumpet, Hyderabad

    The Department of Economics has organized an orientation Programme on “Meditation – Heartfulllness” which is the need of the hour. In the present scenario, stressful life leads to many physical disorders. Hence the department felt that an orientation on Meditation is the only solution to come out from various illnesses. So sessions were arranged for three different groups

    Training for web-casting volunteers.

    The Department of Economics has organized Training for web-casting volunteers on 25-3- 19. Around 100 students were selected from various streams as volunteers for Lok Sabha election. Medchal deputy Collector has trained the students for web casting and it is a socially responsible activity students have done the activity with much enthusiasm.

    Guest Lecture was organized by the Department of Economics on

    • The Economics department organized a guest lecture on 29th August on the topic ‘Evolution of Development ‘for all III BA by Mr. Gopinath Vedula .He spoke about why India is still a developing country? What are the factors behind it? This session inspired the students
    • Indo- Pak RelationsMr. Muralidhar Hindu Editor was the resource person.

    Department of Psychology

    Guest lecture was organized by the Department of Psychology on

    • Department of Psychology organized a Guest Lecture on Counseling children with regard to certificate course for III MPML by Dr.P.Swathi, B.O.S, Osmania University on 13th Feb, 2020
    • Department of Psychology organized a Guest Lecture on Concept of Child Growth and Development for III MPML on 22nd Feb, 2020
    • Department of Psychology organized a Two day Guest Lecture on “Patient Provider Relations – Health Psychology” for 3rd B.A MPML students. The Recourse person was Dr.D. Pankaja on 17th and 18th April 2019.
    • “Alternative therapies”- Mrs.Malathi Rao was the resource person.
    •  Workshop on “Sahayam Skills” was organized by the department. Dr. C. Beena, Coordinator of Sahayam-OU Counseling center & Prof. Psychology, Osmania University was the resource person.
    •  “Suicide Prevention Programme” – Dr. Purnima Nagaraja, Dhrithi Psychiatric Care & Dr. Swathi, HOD, Osmania University were the resource persons.

    Faculty as Resource Person

    • V. Beulah Vennela, Department of Psychology has been a Resource Person for the Certificate Course on Rehabilitation Psychology organized by Manomantra Psychological and Training Services from 6th – 10th July, 2020.
    • V. Beulah Vennela, Department of Psychology has been a Resource Person for the Certificate Course on School Psychology organized by Manomantra Psychological and Training Services from August 17th – 22nd, 2020.
    • V. Beulah Vennela, Department of Psychology has been a Resource Person for the Certificate Course on School Psychology organized by Manomantra Psychological and Training Services from August 17th – 22nd, 2020.


    • Department of Political -Science has organized Carrier orientation for the students of B.A PPMl, EPP and MPML on UPSC & CIVICLS - 13th August, 2018. The resource person for the event Dr. Satya Prakash Jha M.A, L.L.B PhD &Mr.Rajath Mishra Byjus Institute Hyderabad. were the senior Most faculty from Byju’s Institute of Hyderabad had enlightened the students about the pros and corn of the most important competitive exams conducted by UPSC.
    • Department of Social Science has organized orientation program me for first year students on the topic “Steps to Success”, Mr. Murthy from R.K.Mutt. addressed the students as how discipline, hard work and commitment leads to success.
    • Department of Social Science has organized orientation programme “SHE for Her”. SHE team from Malkagiri was the resourse person who demonstrated the students how to protect and defend themselves from Eve teasing problems. SHE team made awareness among the students the means and mode to approach them. Along with it few safety defense measures were also taught.
    • She Team orientation was organized for BA PPML, MPML and EPP students on 5.1.2018. DCP Saleema was the resource person for the orientation. She had an interaction with the students on safety measures for women, importance and working of She teams.
    • Department of Social Sciences organized career orientation programme for Students of Mass Communication and Psychology. resource persons were Prof. P.L. Vishweshwar Rao, Retd. Dean OU, and MANUU and Ms. Geeta, HOD, St. Francis college for women

    Fare Well. The Department of Social Science has organized farewell along with Student council to all the final year students with a theme of Retro.

    Certificate Courses

    • Department of Psychology in collaboration with Gregorian University, Rome, Italy organized the Inaugural Ceremony of the Six Months International Certificate Course on 'Safeguarding Minors' on 2nd Oct, 2020. The chief guest was Dr. Fr. James, Director ICLA, Philippines. The resource persons of the course – Dr. Fr. Robin, Director, Sanyaasa Institute, Benguluru, Dr, Sr. Anna Mary, Residential Professor, Pune, Sr, Daisy, Gregorian University, Hyderabad were also present.

    Teacher’s day

    On 5th September 2019, St.Pious X Degree and PG College for women celebrated Teachers day with Retro theme along with student council members The student council member conducted various programs such as Dancing, Blow the cup with balloon air contest, Ram walk – Best Retro attire, Brain game – Color recognition followed by refreshment for all the UG & PG Teaching staff and non Teaching staff.

    Extension Activities:

    Institutional Social Responsibility -Share a meal Divya Disha Foundation, Annapurna nagar, Bod Uppal Mallpur Road Hyderabad,Telangana. The Department of Social Science had taken up share a meal programme for which fund was raised up to five thousand seven hundred by all B.A students and Faculty.

    • The Department of Social Sciences has taken up share a meal programme on July 2018, as a part of Institutional social responsibility for which fund was raised up to five thousand seven hundred rupees and the amount was used to purchase provisions,The students from B.A PPML, EPP & MPML along with the faculty members visited the orphanage and spent time with the children they also entertained them with music and stories and also encouraged them to study hard and achieve their goals in their life.
    • The department of Social Sciences as part of its social responsibility initiated and organized two extension programme – Handloom Expo to Save a Weaver & Medical Camp for college and neighborhood.

    Handloom Expo:

    The department of Social Sciences organized a Handloom expo. As the Government of Telangana is taking many initiatives to promote Handloom industry, the department had also taken a small step towards it by conducting this Handloom expo. The products were 100% natural, handmade and dyed with natural colors.

    To support weaver community and help them in promoting their sales the department has organized a Handloom Expo in the college campus on 18th, 19th and 20th September 2017.The expo was open for the students, staff and neighborhood of the college. There were around seven stalls set by Co-optex, Bengal Cotton, Pochampalli, Banaras, Mangalgiri, Warangal handlooms and Jute Handicrafts. Around 150 visitors visited the expo and up to 80% of the stock was sold. The department and the weavers were happy with the success of the expo and planned to organize it every year.

    Medical Camp:

    The department also organized another extension activity as a part of social responsibility and organized a medical camp in collaboration with Lions club, A.S Rao Nagar on 23rd and 24th of November 2017. Inauguration ceremony was on 23rd at auditorium which started with lighting of the lamp followed by the message by the Principal. The members of Lions club enlightened the gathering regarding their work and the initiatives undertaken to help one live a healthy life in body, mind and soul.

    The camp was opened for the students, staff and neighborhood of the college from morning 10.00 am to 3.00 pm in the afternoon. Six doctors i.e. Ophthalmologist, General Surgeon, Diabetologist, Physiotherapist, Homeopathy and Dental willingly rendered their services. A number of 1000 individuals made use of the services provided. The doctors and individuals were deeply satisfied and expressed their gratitude for arranging a needful one at college. With the success of the camp, the department planned to organize it every year.


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  • Faculty:E-Content for EMRC, OU Ms. V. Beulah Vennela, under the guidance of Dr. Swathi, BOS, OU, is a part of the 10 member team appointed by the Telangana State Government to develop E-Content through EMRC, OU for BA Sem 3 & Sem 1 Psychology for online classes. As per schedule given, E-Content has been developed for Sem 3 Psychology.
  • V. Beulah Vennela, Department of Psychology has received an Appreciation Letter for rendering her services as a Faculty member for M.Sc Psychology prison inmates from the Superintendent of Prison, Cherlapally for the year 2018-19 & 2019-2020 ( 1st and 2nd year students ).
  • Students VA.Sai Vaishnavi of BA EPP, selected as one of the four Indians to participate in the Study of US Institutes, sponsored by the Department of Education and Cultural affairs, United State Government.The program was organized to facilitate cultural and educational exchange between 23 to promote Women's Leadership.The student was nominated by the college to apply for the program in the US Consulate General.
  • Academic Excellence of B.A EPP/PPML/MPML with 100% Results During 2017 -2018
  • Academic Excellence of B.A EPP/PPML/MPML with 100% Results During 2018 -2019
  • “Advertise Your Mind” an intercollegiate completion by little flower degree college, Ms. Mehnaz from II B.A MPML and Ms. Deekshita and K.Dviyashree from III B.A MPML Won First prize. 2018-19
  • Mrs. Malathi Devi was awarded Best teacher by National Solidarity committee at Gandhi Bhavan on 5th September 2019.
  • Irin Dilna from III B.A MPML received Gold medal in Long Jump and Broze Medal at Reliance youth athletics championships held at Gachibowli stadium. Gangothri, Anushka, Priyanka from III B.A EPP bagged first Prize won a Cash prize of 1000/-. Poster making competition, Theme Was India Foreign Policy at St .Ann’s Degree College for Women, Mehdhipatnam, Hyderabad.
  • Top 10 Rank holders of OU: Sneha Jois, Anagha Joy, Poorna, Vijayalaxmi B, Lawmsanzuali, G. Krishnapriya, B. Sony, Bhavani, E. Praneetha, Sari Luikham, B.Lalnunkimi.

Republic Club   A write up on Club and Activities/Competitions

Republic-Club Activity’ As a part of club activity the department has conducted many events like Quiz; Elocution; Mock Parliament, Painting etc. on 19th 20tth February- 2019.Prizes were given to the winners.

  • Essay writing
  • Debate
  • Quiz & Puzzles

Phoenophin club

On January 2nd 2020 Department of Psychology released suicide prevention booklet with title “No one else can play your part”. The content mentioned in the booklet is based upon spreading awareness and aimed to share the contact details of Psychology counseling helplines throughout the city and state. On January 4th 2020 Department of Psychology released Phoenophin club Journal Volume 1 issue 2 with the title “The cubs win big against the bear”.


  • Suicide prevention week
  • Flash Mob
  • Collage competition
  • Counseling in College
  • Campus Radio

Psychosis Club

  • Phoenophin Club:- Significance of the club name Phoenophin is a combination of two words - 'Phoenix' (though being reduced to ashes, comes back to life with renewed strength and it's tears have a healing power to heal any wound) and 'Dolphin' (which is friendly & intelligent).Through the club, imbibing the traits of these birds, we would want every individual to soar high in life rising above their circumstances with new vision and untiring hope come what may just because they matter and that they can make a difference to themselves and others with a life given. Reviving of the club from Psychosis 2014 to Phoenophin Club 2019 and the Journal was released by Principal Sister Velangini and Mrs. Tina Fernandez, Mrs. Malathi H.O.D of Social Science.
  • Department of Psychology conducted painting and sketching competition for B.A MPML students on TEACHER’S DAY on a theme of “LIFE’S BEST TEACHER” as a past experiences learnt from life on 5th September, 2018.