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Welcome to St. Pious X

In every sphere of life, the task of choosing the best from amongst the various options at hand, can get quite daunting. We, at St Pious, with more than two decades of untiring, selfless & unparalleled service in the noble cause of Education, understand our students better and help them make that crucial choice. Take a look at the quality we offer and our unwavering support and commitment towards our students

Notice Board at St. Pious X

  • Nov03Guest Lecture – Dept. of Mass Communication
  • Nov04Gurunanak Jayanthi
  • Nov06Field Trip - Dept. of Psychology
  • Nov06Guest Lecture - Dept. of Economics
  • Nov066th to 11th Student Exchange Program - Dept. of Biochemistry
  • Nov08Lecture Workshop- Dept. Of Economics
  • Nov11Share A Meal - Depts. of Zoology and Genetics
  • Nov11Field Trip -- Dept. of Chemistry
  • Nov13III yr Half-yearly Exams begins
  • Nov13Final Practical Exams for I & III Sem
  • Nov1414th-20th National Library Week Celebrations
  • Nov14Children’s Day Celebrations - Dept. of Library Science
  • Nov14Extension Lecture - Dept. of Political Science
  • Nov16Student Workshop for III yr - Dept. of Life Sciences
  • Nov17Field Trip - Dept. of Commerce
  • Nov18Galaxy Day Celebrations - Dept. of Physics
  • Nov21Final Theory Exams for I & III Semester
  • Nov22Literary Day (Club Activity)- Dept. of English
  • Nov25National Constitution Day -Depts. of Public Admn. & Political Sci
  • Nov29Extension Activity - Dept. of Commerce
  • Nov30National Flag Day - Depts. of Public Admn. & Political Sci.
Latest @ St Pious X:
  • In Campus Placement Drive by Amazon on Sep 16, 2017. Please click here for more details
  • In Campus Placement Drive by IKS Health on Sep 07, 2017
  • For the Latest and recently concluded Events/Workshops/Seminars, etc., please click here