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The Department of Statistics

Statistics department was established in the year 2000-2001 with Mathematics and Computer Science combination (M.S.Cs). Now the strength of Statistics department is around 235 students.The faculty of Statistics are well qualified and experienced lecturers in undergraduate teaching.


Objectives of our Department are as follows:

  • To provide holistic development to the student with a great stress on quality of life rather than material success and integrating the values into teaching and learning.
  • To conduct theoretical and practical studies in the field.
  • To prepare students for lifelong learning and successful careers using their statistical skills.
  • To instill in our students an understanding of their professional and ethical responsibilities.

The Department of Statistics offers the following programs:

The list of student projects done by B.Sc students

In house projects by students:

  • Estimation of iron in various food sources by wong’s method- II B.Sc
  • Estimation of cholesterol in various junk foods by zak’s method- III B.Sc
Research & Publications


    National Statistics Day

    Department of statistics celebrated “National Statistics Day” and organized an Inter Collegiate Competitions on 29.06.2017.  On the commemoration of Mahalanobi’s Birth day, a seminar on “Statistics in day to day life” delivered by the chief guest Sr.Director Dr.Vishnu Vardhan Rao, NIN. 120 students from different colleges and our college were participated in the competitions: Treasure Hunt, Quiz, Poster presentation, Elocution, JAM. Principal Sr.Velangini gave prizes to the winners.


    Students of B.Sc (M.S.Cs) II year given seminars on the topics “Correlation and Regression”  on 18th & 19th September, 2017. Students were actively participated and given different types of examples connected with the topics.

    Guest Lecture

    Organized a Guest lecture for B.Sc.(M.S.Cs) III year students by Dr.G.Jayasree, Associate professor, Chairperson board of studies, Department of statistics, O.U on the topic “Operations Research” on 14.10.2017.

Labs and other facilities:

Computer lab with internet facility, library.


  • Swathi Sree (1212-13-514-008) 3rd rank
  • Mamatha (1212-13-514-004) 6TH rank
  • Shalini Yadav (1212-13-514-002) 9TH rank
  • Sindhuja(1212-13-514-003) 10TH rank
  • Javeria Afshan (1212-14-514-001) 1st rank

Sigma club

  • Department conducts various events like quiz, Paper Presentation and Poster presentations etc.