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Welcome to Department of Genetics


Department of Genetics was established in the year 1994 – 1995 with meagre strength of 22 students with Microbiology,Genetics and Chemistry as the optional subjects. Later on another group of Biochemistry, Genetics and Chemistry was included in accordance with the demand of these subjects. The department was further expanded with a well – furnished laboratory and a wonderful library, which is readily accessible to all the students. The text books and journals are of wide range, which include Indian as well foreign edition and help the students to know the world of science and technology.

In the last five years the department got university ranks. Students are encouraged to prepare assignments & seminars. To make the students environmentally conscious & responsible, the department organized various awareness campaigns which provide a great learning experience to the students.


To empower and enhance the students for holistic education to attain future leaders who will demonstrate innovation in their professional competencies for the betterment of the human condition through genetic knowledge within an ethical framework.


To train the students to be socially responsible, creative & encourage research aptitude, education and public service to understand the advance in Genetics.


Objectives of our Department are as follows:

  • To provide a comprehensive education in Genetics that stresses scientific reasoning and problem solving across the spectrum of disciplines within life sciences.
  • To enrich students with opportunities for alternative education in the area of Genetics through undergraduate research.
  • To provide thorough training in written and oral communication of scientific information.

The Department of Genetics offers the following programs:

Others: Bridge course:

The students admitted are from pure sciences, in order to understand the advances in the subject genetics, special bridge course of 15 days is offered in the basic concepts of Genetics.


Faculty projects:

Mrs .U.Sujatha  Lecturer in Genetics is doing research project in the area “Bio aerosol Detection, Identification, Quantification and Impact Studies in Indoor & Outdoor Environments in Hyderabad”, From Dept of Biotechnology, JNTU, Hyderabad.

Student Projects:

In-house project under the supervision of Mrs. Mubeen Begum, duration-3 months on the topic “Genetics Analysis of Inheritance in Eye Colour & Ear Lobe in Humans”

Ongoing research project in the area “Bio aerosol Detection, Identification, Quantification and Impact Studies in Indoor & Outdoor Environments in Hyderabad”.

Research & Publications

BioAerosol detection, identificAtion & impACt studies in Indoor And Outdoor events in NAChArAm- Mrs.Sujatha Uram, Mrs.Alka Jha. Proceedings of National seminar on Health, Hygiene and sanitation published in International Journal of Pharmacy and Biological Sciences ISSN:2330-7605(ONLINE).

International journal – International publication

Mrs. Sujatha Uram Lecturer in Genetics published a paper in international journal for research in applied sciences and engineering technology (IJRASET) - Entitled: “Role of Bio aerosol in causing allergic infections” published in Volume 5,Issue XI, November 2017, UGC recognized journal with impact factor 6.887.

Mrs. Sujatha Uram

  • Published “Air Quality Analysis In The City Of Hyderabad” in peer reviewed International Journal of Research and Innovation in Environmental Science (IJRIES) in July13, 2015.
  • Presented a paper on the topic “Bioaerosol - Impact Studies In Indoor and Outdoor Environments In Hyderabad, at an International Conference on Life Science and Biological Engineering (ICLSBE-16) Sunday 16thOctober 2016 at Hyderabad.
  • Published a paper on the topic “Bio - Aerosol - Impact Studies In Indoor and Outdoor Environments in Hyderabad”in International Journal of Science, Engineering and Management (IJSEM)Vol 1, Issue 6, October 2016. ISSN : 2456 -1304
  • Poster presented at SISC Annual Conference Climate challenges and solutions under the 2°C target at Cagliari (Italy), October 19-20, 2016. ISBN: 978-88-97666-09-7
  • Sujatha Uram, Lecturer in Genetics presented a paper on the topic “Bioaerosol Identification and Air Quality Analysis in Hyderabad City” at An International Conference on Science Technology Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) held at St.Francis College for Women, from 6th – 11th November, Hyderabad.

 Mrs. Mubeen Begum        

  • Attended National Conference on “Indian Higher Education In The Decades Ahead – Challenges and Prospects” at Kristu Jayanti College Bangalore, Accredited “A” grade by NAAC, an institution managed by CMI Fathers.
  • Attended National Conference for Vice Chancellors and Principals of member Institutions. All India Association for Christian Education AIACHE, Inspiring Higher Education Institutions For Nation Building, Opportunities And Challenges at Christ University, Bangalore Accredited “A” grade by NAAC

 Paper Presentation in International Conference:

  • Sujatha Uram, Lecturer in Genetics presented a paper on the topic “Bioaerosol identification and air quality analysis in Hyderabad city” at an International Conference on Science Technology Engineering & Mathematics(STEM) held at St.Francis College for Women,from 6th – 11th November,Hyderabad.
  • Sujatha Uram, attended an International Seminar on Drug Designing & Discovery of Vaccines Organised by Bhavans Vivekananda College of Science, Humanities & Commerce, Sainikpuri, Secunderabad and presented a paper on the topic “Role of Aerosol in causing allergic infections” on 8th Dec, 2017.

National Science Day

28th Feb 2020- The Department Of Genetics celebrates “National Science Day” to widely spread a message about the Importance of science used in the daily life of the people by inviting the neighboring schools and Teachers.

16th Dec 2019 - As a part of IGNITE Programme, Department of Genetics faculty Mrs. Mubeen Begum and Mrs. Sujatha Uram, have demonstrated the fundamentals of cell, gene ,DNA.

2nd Aug 2019 - Department of Genetics organized ‘Ice Breaking Session’ for all I MGC the students. Different activities and fun games were designed to attain different goals, to achieve the desired outcome.

World Environment Day Quiz Competition – 3rd to 5th June 2020

  • Department of Genetics organized the National level E – Quiz on World Environment Day from 3rd to 5th June 2020, to spread awareness of environmental issues and encourage protecting environment. The total number of people registered and participated in the quiz is 2836.

Department of Genetics organized a cookery competition – Cook @ Home – an Intercollegiate Competition from July 30th to August 10th 2020, to create awareness of Immunity boosting foods.

  • Good nutrition is crucial for health, particularly in times when the immune system might need to fight back. The total number of people registered and participated is 150. The participants were from various colleges in the city. They made a short video of their dish and explained the significance and its role in boosting immunity. All the participants were awarded with participation certificate.

Create Healthier lives – Awareness programon Nutrition:

  • The Department of Genetics organized an awareness programme titled – “Create Healthier Lives” as a part of National Nutritional Month Celebration on 26th September 2020.Nutrition is a set of learning to assist in healthy eating choices and other nutrition-related behavior. With this motive to intensify awareness on the importance of nutrition for health, a poster competition was organized, where the participants showcased their creativity by making beautiful posters. The concept was “Healthier Lives”. The II/III-year B.Sc. (MGC) students presented power point presentations on various foods and their nutritional values.


  • 6th - 7th Dec 2019 - Mrs. Mubeen Begum and Mrs. Sujatha Uram, participated in International conference on “Innovations And Applications In Basic And Applied Science For Sustainable Development” at St.Pious X Degree & PG College for women.
  • 25th April 2020- On account of National DNA Day, students of MGC prepared an e-poster.
  • Mrs. Mubeen begum & Mrs. U.Sujatha attended the International conference – Integrative Biology & Applied Genetics (ICIBAG) on from 15th – 17th March 2018 organized by department of Genetics – Osmania university at IICT.
  • A.Vineetha & Naga Sravani IIMGC presented a poster at International conference – Integrative Biology & Applied Genetics (ICIBAG) on the topic “Bioaerosol identification and air quality analysis in the city of Hyderabad”,guided by Mrs.Sujatha Uram, from 15th – 17th March 2018 organized by department of Genetics, Osmania University

Interdisciplinary classes: 16th Feb 2018

  • The interdisciplinary classes are conducted for all the II year B.Sc, B.Com & B.A students on the topic “Life Style Diseases and Management”. 100 students opted for this course.

Orientation Programme:

  • 1stJuly 2019 - Department of Genetics organized An Oientation Programme on “Your Life Ahead – Challenges and Opportunity” for II/III year students of B.A, B.Com, B.Sc.
  • 4th – 25th July 2019 - Mrs. Mubeen Begum Attended the Orientation Programme organized by Osmania University Sponsored by UGC – HRDC at Academic Staff College.
  • The Department of Genetics, along with zoology and Department physical sciences organized “An Orientation programme” for the First year students
  • Mrs.Sujatha Uram,Lecturer in Genetics attended PHARMA EXPO 2018 held on Nov 22 & 23,2018 at Nirmala College of Pharmacy,Atmakur.
  • Mrs.Mubeen Begum and Mrs.U.Sujatha Lecturer in Genetics participated in The John Maxwell Team Global Youth Initiative youth leadership event on 29th Nov, 2018.
  • K.Ramya Krishna of II MGC attended an event At Hari Hara Kala Bhavan conducted by stumagz on 24th March 2018 our college has been awarded as “Smart College”.
  • Department of Genetics organized Orientation Programme for the final year students of B.A, B.Sc and B.Com on the topic – “Youth-Inspired Challenged & Transformed through Attitude, Change & Communication”, and resource person was Prof. Uday Kumar Ganguly on 11th July, 2016.
  • Department of Genetics organized Orientation Programme for the first year students on 21st June, 2017.

Young Researchers Meet:

  • Department of Genetics organized Young Researchers Meet for the I/II/III year Life science students on 23rd June 2017. Dr.M.Adharvana Chary, Researcher and Managing Director of Dr. MACS Biopharma Pvt. Ltd. was invited as a speaker.

Career guidance for life science:

  • Department of Genetics organized Career Guidance for Life Science for the I/II/III year Life Science students on 3rd Aug 2017 by Dr. Ira Bhatnagar Scientist from CCMB.           

Creative writing:

  • The Department of Genetics organized Creative Writing for all the Life Science students. The theme for the write-up was “Science and Innovations”.

World Nature Conservation Day Celeberation: 21st july, 2018

  • I Session : Awareness Talk on Biodiversity
  • The Dept. of Genetics visited Harina Mahaveer Deer Park, along with IIMGC students in collaboration with Telangana Forest Department. Guest speaker Dr.Shankaran Addl. IFS, Telangana Forest Department, Hyderabad.

  • II Session :Snake Show
  • Department of Genetics organised Snake Show in collaboration with Telangana Forest Department,and FOS ( Friend Of Snakes ).Mr.Ashish and Ms. Akshitha Resource person from FOS.

  • III Session: Internship Programme
  • Telangana Forest Department organised Estimation of animals in Vanasthalipuram Deer Park. All II MGC students participated in this programme and the report of their study on the animals was submitted to Mr. Swami,wild life conservator.


  • 16thSept 2019 - The students of III MZC visited Telangana Forensic Science Laboratory, Redhills, as a part of educational tour. Students visited Dept. of Toxicology,Serology , Immunology , Chemical analysis, Ballistic section, Documentation ,Cybercrime DNA Fingerprinting sections. Professor Muralidhar addressed the students on the objective of forensic science laboratories.
  • Field trips are organized as important moments in learning and sharing social experience that provides the opportunity for students to encounter and explore novel things in an authentic setting. In this regard the staff and students visited various organizations such as CDFD, CCMB, ICRISAT, Institute of Genetics and Genetic Disorder, Biodiversity Park, etc.
  • The department organized an educational tour for the 2nd & 3rd year MGC Visited ICRISAT  – (International Crop Research Institute for Semi-arid Trophics) at Patancheruvu in Hyderabad  on 28thNov 2016.


  • 15thFeb 2020 - Mrs.Sujatha Uram has participated in One day National Seminar on “ IPR in Academic Research” held on at RBVRR Womens College, Hyderabad, Telangana.
  • K.Ramya Krishna of IIMGC attended an event At Hari Hara Kala Bhavan conducted by stumagz on 24th March 2018 our college has been awarded as “Smart College”.
  • One day seminar on “Innovative Scientific Approaches towards Sustainable Environment” was organized on March 14th 2017 by the Life Science Departments in association with Telanagana Academy of Sciences. (TAS)
  • Sujatha Uram, Lecturer in Genetics was the speaker. She spoke on the topic “Overview of Intellectual Property Rights”. The objective of the workshop was to give a general introduction to the concept of Intellectual Property Rights and their role in Technology Transfer.


  • 3rdMarch,2020 - The Department of Genetics & Zoology have organized a workshop on “Health & Fitness” by Mrs.Madhavi Raju, Life style coach on. She emphasized on the importance of healthy eating and role of physical exercise in our day to day life.
  • 25th Sept 2019 - Department of Genetics organized a workshop on “SEED TECHNOLGY” for II & III MGC Students. Resource Person: Mr. Madhu Devarakonda, Agronomist Syngenta India Ltd., The workshop involved theoretical as well as practical sessions. Various Breeding methods were explained to students and the process of seed germination was demonstrated and was carried out by the students.
  • Workshop on Intellectual Property Rights: Organized Workshop on Intellectual Property Rights for the  I/II/III year Life Science students and Faculty. Around 250 students and 50 Lecturers attended the workshop.
  • Sujatha Uram and Mrs. Mubeen Begum participated in one day workshop on “Intellectual Property Rights – Creative India ; Innovative India” held on 11th November 2017 Organised by the Department of Chemistry.
  • Organized Workshop on Intellectual Property Rights for the entire Faculty. Sujatha Uram, Lecturer in Genetics was the speaker. She spoke on the topic - “An Overview of Intellectual Property Rights” on 13th October 2017. The Objective of the workshop was to give a general introduction to the concept of Intellectual Property Rights and their role in Technology Transfer. Mrs.Sujatha Uram explained about the Rationale of Protection, Different kinds of IPRs, IPRs and Licensing/Technology Agreements. The future of IPR in India.
  • Fostering the Global competencies among the students, the present generation needs to be aware of this technology. In this regard, the Department of Genetics organized a 4 Days workshop in “BIOINFORMATICS – UNLOCKING THE GENOMIC EVOLUTION” from 4th Dec to 7th Dec 2017 to train the students. Bioinformatics involves the integration of computers, software tools, and databases in an effort to address biological questions. The Resourse Person : D.Sharada Professor and Mr. G. Shravan Kumar from the Department of Bioinformatics, Osmania University .The workshop began with introductory lectures followed by practical training sessions on the tools used in genomics, proteomics, novel drug designing – BLAST, FASTA, Homology modeling Drug docking and so on.
  • Mubeen Begum & Mrs. Sujatha Uram attended One day workshop on IPR titled “Role of IPRs in Creative India; Innovative India” was organized by Dept. of Chemistry on 11thNovember, 2017 at St.Pious X Degree& PG College for women.
  • Mubeen Begum attended the 2 day Workshop on Hands on Experience on Tools & techniques of Molecular biology &Bioinformatics. - Organized by Maulana Ajad National Urdu University at Gachibowli.


  • 6th -7th Feb 2020- Mrs.Sujatha Uram, Lecturer in Genetics, Successfully Completed Training on "IPR & Technology Transfer" conducted as part of IIC Innovation Ambassador Training Series Organized by Institution’s Innovation Council of MHRD’s Innovation Cell, AICTE held at MLR Institute of Technology, Hyderabad, Telangana.
  • Mrs.Sujatha Uram, completed a certificate course on the topic- Operational planning Covid-19 from World Health Organization on April 22, 2020.
  • 15th - 19thJune 2019 - Mrs. Mubeen Begum & Mrs. Sujatha Uram attended FDP organized by IQAC on “Emerging Perspective in Teaching and Learning” at St. Pious X Degree & PG College.
  • 18th June 2019 - Mrs. Mubeen Begum & Mrs. Sujatha Uram attended FDP on “Ownership & Accountability
  • Mrs. Mubeen Begum & Mrs. Sujatha Uram attended FDP On process of “Attaining Autonomy Status” at Bhavan’s Vivekanada College.
  • Mrs. Mubeen Begum & Mrs. Sujatha Uram attended FDP on Research & Project proposal writing.
  • Mrs. Mubeen Begum & Mrs. Sujatha Uram attended FDP on Webinar on E–Content development.

Extension Activities: Share A Meal

  • 27th -28thAug 2019 - Department of Genetics as a part of social responsibility participated in the recycling programme organized by ITC WOW – contributed 157kgs of paper waste, for which won second Prize at our institutional level.
  • March 31 st 2019- As a part of Institutional social responsibility, MGC Students visited Murukulabasti, a slum area in Nacharam. The students gave awareness talk about health, hygieneand nutrition to the women and children. The students donated clothes, eatables, groceries andbedsheets to the needy.
  • 13th JANUARY 2018- The staff and students of Department of Genetics visited Divya disha balikaniketan, home for girls located at Boduppal. As we believe that “We cannot help everyone but everyone can help someone”. We contributed Woolen blankets, Sanitary napkins, Stationary items, Grocery and clothes to the girls.


  • 23rd Sept, 2019 - The students of I MGC have presented posters and models on various concepts of Genetics such as Chromosomal Aberrations, Extension to dominance, Cell Cycle-cell packaging and so on, as a part of GENOPHILIC CLUB activity.
  • As a part of Club activity,we organized programmes such as elocution and poster presentation for all the I/II/III Year students.The competition was judged by Mrs.SwatiSree, Faculty Dept Of Biochemistry & Mrs.Alkha Jha,Dept of Zoology.

Field Trip:

  • 26th Sept 2019 – Mrs. Mubeen Begum, Mrs.U.Sujatha & Students of I & III MGC students visited CSIR-NGRI Laboratories and observatories to know about the ‘MOTHER EARTH “, on the occasion of 77th CSIR Foundation Day and Outreach Event: IISF -2019.
  • International Trip - In the month of JANUARY - Mrs. Sujatha Uram and five MGC students Visited Dubai, as a part of educational tour they visited Amity University in Dubai. The students visited various departments and laboratories.
  • Mrs Mubeen Begum and Mrs Sujatha Uram along with the II & III year students of MGC visited Indian Immunologicals Limited,Gachibowli on 22 Jan, 2018. IIL is the market leader in veterinary biological in India,and operates one of the largest plants in the world.IIL is major player in the human vaccine market in India focusing on pediatric and rabies vaccine segment. The students witnessed the preparation of vaccine,various research labs and mode of operation.Students were highly motivated and wanted to pursue jobs in such labs.
Labs and other facilities:

The department is well equipped and fully furnished spacious laboratory. The laboratory is specialized in conducting Molecular Biology experiments.

  • The Laboratory is provided with Smart TV
  • Electrophoretic apparatus
  • Micro pipettes
  • Chromatography chamber
  • pH Meter
  • Water Bath
  • Colorimeter
  • Autoclave
  • Incubator
  • Hot Air Oven
  • Micro Centrifuge
  • Digital mono Pan Balance
  • Hot Plate
  • Compound Microscopes
  • Dissecting Microscopes
  • Glass Wares
  • Teaching Aids

The Department has the credit of securing 100% results every year.

University Toppers:

  • Ranga Mounika (121211459007) MGC ,Osmania University Topper – II Rank .
  • Divya Jyothi (121212459016) MGC, Osmania University Topper.
  • Vineeta & K.Bala Manogna II MGC, bagged 3rd Prize in All India Student and Youth Federation.


The department launched Genophilics Club in the year 2005. The main objective of this club is to Enhance Skill, Personality Development, Create Scientific Knowledge, Research Aptitude among the students. In this regard, the department organizes various competitions such as Debates, Quiz, Essay Writing, Poster / Oral Presentations, etc.

  • Debate & Essay writing competitions was conducted on the topic “Gene Therapy” —50 students participated in the competition, on 3rd March, 2017.